A new chapter

Originally i had built this place as a photoblog using a plugin for wordpress called yet another photo-blog. It enabled me to share what i was up to with friends and family without the need for using Facebook or Twitter. I could simply upload a photo and a caption and i was done. I previously worked in marketing. I did a lot of data analysis, but i also learnt a lot of tricks and tips about web marketing and SEO. So even though i had minimal content (pictures are good for the end user, they are bad for search engines) i was able to creatively manipulate google and thus people searching, allowing me to draw people in when they where searching for various photos (also got some of the photos to rank high in some searches)  and i could see this in the data that is generated with Apache, but also software like google analytics and from various plugins i added.  It kinda demonstrates the type of world we live in and something that i failed to grasp or wanted to ignore when i did my BSc. Its all about networking and selling yourself, not just not your skill set.  What is funny is that i thought it was hard work, but its actually not solely that. If you find it interesting, others will, because its genuine and can be spontaneous. People that know me well, i read a lot, mostly technical items, but also lots of scientific papers and subsequently build a lot and take a lot of pictures but never share, so this will change.

So what does all that have to do with the title of this post you may ask?

Well in order to ‘sell’ myself better, i want to share more of what i get up to, interesting topics, things i build and definitely more science.  In order to do so i have to disable the yet  another photo blog plugin, but because of the way it works, the template i built has to change and how it handles photos means all the current posts no longer work, so the website looks barren. Over the next few weeks or so, it will be fixed.

Don’t disrepair, its for the best.


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