Bucket List

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Drive a Steam traincuriosity31 December 211937443
Drive an 18 WheelerAdventure31 December 2014-907
Finish building my first productPersonal31 December 2013-1272
Get a dogPersonal31 December 2015-542
Get Scout Camping PermitLearning31 December 20130!11 September 2014
Get Scout Wood badgeLearning31 December 2013-1272
Go on a datePersonal31 December 2013-1272
Go ParaglidingAdventure31 December 2015-542
Go skiing againAdventure31 December 2014-907
Learn to fly a MicrolightLearning31 December 20201285
Learn to make a butter scotch tartLearning31 December 211335252
learn to program in CLearning31 December 2013-1272
Loose my anxityPersonal31 December 2014-907
New carPersonal31 December 20150!14 February 2014
Partake in a race/rally of motor vehicleAdventure31 December 20201285
play a PiccoloAdventure31 December 20201285
relearn to play the fluteLearning31 December 20201285
Ride a steam trainAdventure31 December 2014-907
Say: "Hello" to someone i likePersonal31 December 2013-1272
see dara o'breanAdventure31 December 20201285
see how a bowling ally workscuriosity31 December 20130!23 September 2013
see how a cinema workscuriosity31 December 20130!2 September 2013
See Lee evensAdventure31 December 20201285
see peter kayAdventure31 December 20201285
sell my first poductPersonal31 December 2013-1272
Start my own companyPersonal31 December 2013-1272
Take Scouts campingAdventure31 December 20130!10 September 2014
Take the worlds shortest flightAdventure31 December 2014-907
visit Andy & CrystalAdventure31 December 20130!2 November 2013
Visit Brighton PrideAdventure4 August 2013-1421
Visit GernseyAdventure31 December 2014-907
Visit JurseyAdventure31 December 2014-907
Visit ScotlandAdventure31 December 20130!17 July 2015
Visit StarkAdventure31 December 2014-907
Visit "Meet liquor"Adventure31 December 2013-1272